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Harrison –It has been a pleasure working with you. You well be greatly missed, you added a wealth of knowledge and experience to our agency that will be hard to replace. It is because if your compassion and demanding work that many of the kids we serviced has taken way skills and wisdom that will help them to be successful and make better choices ~ Tina Williams

Harrison Savage-Is a great mentor, father figure, and an individual who cares, period! ~ Brennan Gross

Harrison Savage-I have known you, approximately 6 years. Not only have you been a close family friend, but a major supporter, mentor and influencer. Your determination. persistence and understanding has made a major impact on my family. To say the lest you are an awesome person, with so many positive attributes, great role model, and anyone that has acquired him as a friend, mentor, supporter is truly blessed. ~Former client, ~Jennifer Bloodsworth